Dr Seuss day activities

Dr Seuss Literacy Day

The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Shadows/ silhouettes
Go Dog Go Create a story with kids names Go __ Go and tell what they did
Put Me in the Zoo STEAM: Art and Math counting dots
The Alphabet Book ABCs of our school
The Ear Book Take a Sound Walk around the school
The Tooth Book Happy Teeth Sad Teeth…write/draw things you do/eat to make teeth happy or sad
The Eye Book Monster eyes– roll dice and draw the number eyes on the monster
The Foot Book Who has the biggest foot (trace)
The Nose Book STEAM: Who has the best smeller? Guessing scents
Hop on Pop Rhyming word bingo


Are you my mother Matching baby animals to adult animals


Ten Apples Up on Top STEAM: Draw an apple paste on the cup, put into groups, stack cups the fastest
Balancing beanbags jumping jacks
Mr Brown Can moo STEAM: Science and Arts (drama)

Charades pretending to be animal

There’s a Wocket in Pocket


Sort the characters..those he likes those he doesn’t and why
ABC Class book: Create a new Dr Seuss character with the letter of the alphabet assigned. Name it and draw it.
Come over to My House Houses around the world video
Fox in Socks STEAM: Make blue goo http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Slime
I’ll Teach My Dog A Lot of Words Learn sign language


The Tooth Book http://www.colgate.com/en/us/kids/kids-corner games
Would you rather be a Bullfrog Create a would you rather, ask people, make a graph to show the answers
Big Dog, Little Dog Opposites headband each kid gets a headband card and has to find their partner opposite with clues from the classmates
Oh Thinks You can Think


STEAM: Kids make a riddle about something about math and draw a picture
Use thesarus.com and word cloud chromebook app

Word cloud with words that mean the same as think

Dr Seuss The Great Doodler Sketchnote the story of Dr Seuss
I wish I had duck feet Create mixed up animals, top of one animal add feet/tail of other animal
In a People House
Homes around the world video
Home in many languages

Use thesarus.com, google, and word cloud chromebook app

Word cloud with words that mean the same as house or house in other languages

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