How to Make a Blabberize

To make a Blabberize:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account by clicking SIGN UP
  3. Put in a username, email, password (twice), and click sign up
  4. Click MAKE
  5. Click BROWSE to locate a picture for you to use
  6. Crop picture if needed
  7. Click the arrow
  8. Move the mouth to the location you want by clicking and dragging
  9. Size the mouth and create the shape by moving the blue and green dots
  10. Click the arrow
  11. Select how you will record the sound (The phone option is not available at the moment.) You can record your voice or input a prerecorded song or audio.
    1. To record, click the microphone
    2. Click Allow
    3. Click the round red button to record and to stop recording
    4. To play it push the arrow
  12. Click on the arrow
  13. View your project
  14. Click OK
  15. Save your project

MAKE: to create projects
BROWSE: to see other projects
MY STUFF: where your projects are saved

Considerations before using it with students:

  1. They should have a picture saved to a flashdrive.
  2. They should write the script and have it approved by you prior to beginning.
  3. Discussions about how this could be used inappropriately.
  4. While working on the project at school, I would have all students use my account and password so I can monitor what they are making.


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