Student Choice Boards

I have been working hard in my class to have Student Choice and Voice at the forefront. Today I worked on a Choice Board that I am hoping to implement next year within our units of study. The linked version has icons for the products.

When we are studying broadcasting next year, students will choose from the various moviemaking and  podcasting tools listed here. When they are producing content for our Research and Share Globally Unit, they can choose from any of the tools. I am still wrapping my head around this, but I am dedicated to making it work. Stay tuned for more details!

This will also be used during our TECHXPO Crusie this summer (our newest version of voluntary sumer learning for teachers). More details to come about that as well!

Student Choice Board for Demonstrating Understanding


Make a movie to show what you have learned


Create a game about what you have learned


Write a rap or song and record it to share what you have learned


Create a slideshow to show what you have learned


Create a picture to show your understanding of the material


Collaborate with others in a discussion to show what you have learned


Create a quiz to show what you learned


Code a program to share your learning


Create a podcast to share your learning


Create a newspaper or magazine


Build a minecraft world to demonstrate your understanding


Make a poster

Write a story

Make a book

Make a foldable

Do a MAKER project

Make a Lego model

Paint a picture

Make a game