FETC Expo hall

Visiting registration today to pick up my badge and ribbons was super exciting! I’ve never been to FETC on Tuesday so seeing all the work that goes on behind the scenes was eye opening. The amount of people, moving parts, and machinery involved in setting up an expo hall floor of this magnitude is truly miraculous! Looking at the expo hall map alone is enough to make your feet ache. So many amazing companies to see and so little time to do it in! Here are some of the folk I am sure to seek out:
Wonder Workshop
National Geographic

These are some of my favorite products and people and I have to stop by and check out their new stuff. But I am also on the look out for new favorites and look forward to checking out some new stuff like Root robotics and this wall they have that robots climb on. I want to look into FEV Tutor and their individualized learning and homework assistance program. My ECE teachers have asked me to check out projectors that are touch based, so I will be stopping by the folks who have these options as well as 3D printers and more amazing stuff that catches my eye.
What are you looking forward to during this amazing conference? Tweet me @ penchevable if you see something I need to check out and look for my showfloor Tweets as well!

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