FETC opening keynote

The opening keynote today shared the newest technologies and offerings from many of the vendors on the show floor. Here is a breakdown in case you missed it.

Margo Day with Microsoft

Take a look at what Microsoft has to offer in education! They have new Education tools and have made products available at a low cost for education. I loved the teacher share they did… an easy and fun way to learn more about weather!


AR and VR in education Dan Lejeskar

Providing “hands on” experience through Virtual Reality with EON Experience. You can use their programs or create your own! They are working with cities and schools all,over the world to create amazing learning opportunities.


Summit Learning with Tyler Sussman

Summit Learning is a free personalized learning tool for 6th through 12th grade, in association with Facebook. Summit Learning helps students learn to be learners with four areas: goal setting, content knowledge, cognitive skill development, and habits of success. You can use the platform to assign tasks to individual students, maximizing success of students. Visit summitlearning.com for info on the program.


Hall Davidson, Learning initiatives at Discovery Education

Check out the tech book, a 21st century replacement for the textbook. Discovery Ed is designing optimal learning experiences. Students can change the Lexie reading level within the book, the book reads to students in English and Other languages! Not just a digital textbook, an interactive learning experience. With this tool you can put kids in the environment they are studying. Seriously cool!


Amazon webservices speaker Warren Santner

Amazon wants to help teachers discover data to inform student learning. They help teachers take their data and discover what it all means.


Each of these groups are here at the conference and would love to chat with you about their products.

See you around the conference!



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