Month of Code

It is time again for Hour of Code…which around my class becomes month of code!


You will notice we are coding both offline and online. We are coding on paper and debugging by acting as the robot, before we put the program into the device and connecting to the robot.

Here are our activities for each grade level:

  • explain that a code is a direction
  • create a code for class to follow
  • play The Foos Hour of Code coding game on iPad
  • code an Ozobot
1st/2nd in station rotation model
  • Complete coding activities using The Foos
  • Code the cow to the pen game
  • Code beebot to complete a task
  • Create a lego code with 3 different blocks
Continue working on map skills and coding the robot to move from one place to another on the map
Robotics coding with Dash/Blockly
  • identify coding blocks for movement, sound, animation
  • create a problem/course/activity
  • code the problem/source/activity
  • act out code
  • problem solve / debug
  • program robot and view
5th starting with unit 1, self-paced elementary unit
I recently attended a workshop and came away with some great activities I am excited to work into our units!
What are you doing for Hour/Week/Month of code? Leave a comment with your ideas!