My Simple Show

My Simple Show

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I was at a training a few weeks ago and saw an awesome, amazing tool that teachers and students can use to create presentations. So what was this amazing tool? MySimpleShow! I immediately started to play with the tool and made a video about Student Centered Learning. It was so simple and easy, I decided to use it with my 5th grade students as an end of unit assessment on digital safety. Their assignment was to create a show to teach their parents about internet safety. To ensure students were working safely, I created an account and had all of the students use the same account. Here is one example of my students’ work. I also found this example on YouTube that shows an example from older students.


Here is a quick tutorial I found online.


So let’s break it down by steps.


  1. Log in to
  2. Click create new movie
  3. Your options are to import a PPT file or write a script
    1. We chose to write a script
  4. There are multiple themes you can chose between business, education, or personal
    1. We chose a blank template
  5. Type your script using the template provided
  6. Click cho0se visuals
    1. You can only have 7 visuals per slide
    2. The words that are underlined have pictures available
    3. If you do not want a certain word included, click the word and click the X above the word
    4. To select a picture click the word, pictures will automatically show
    5. To look for more pictures, click on the word, then click on the search bar and type in a word to look for
  7. Click choose audio
    1. You can select a voice provided or record your own voice
    2. You can select subtitles on or off
  8. Click finalize video
  9. The link to share the video is the URL at the top.