4 Tools You Can Use in Your Classroom Tomorrow

For my PD session Monday I created a thinglink of 4 tools you can use in your class to share student learning. Each APP has the icon, has a link to a blog post, and an example of the tool.

The tools highlighted are Tellagami, Adobe Voice, Sock Puppet, and ChatterKids.




Thinglink is is a super easy tool to build an interactive poster…try it out!

Takeaways from FLReads

I attended/presented at the Florida Reading conference over the weekend and found some very cool resources I decided to share today as my blog post.

1. Help the world by reading!
Heifer International is a phenomenal organization that helps people overcome poverty and hunger through the power of reading! they have lesson plans for you and tons of resources. Please check it out!

Heifer International: Pass on the Gift

2. Take 5 Science
This book is full of resources for the Science and Writing classroom. The authors Kaye Hagler and Judy Elgin Jensen have given you writing prompts that match up with Science standards (CCSS and NGSS). Writing types include informative, descriptive, narrative, and opinion. Some prompts focus on vocabulary and others deal with a deeper understanding. They are leveled K-2 and 3-5.



3. ToggleTalk by Ventris Learning
This company has produced books that help students transition from African American English (home language) to Standard American English (school language). This research based unit meets common core standards using interactive books.

4. Lego Education Story Starters
What better way to get kids interested in reading and writing than using Lego’s? The Lego Story Starters allows teachers to utilize students interest and leverage that interest to expand their language arts classroom.

There were so many great books, authors, and companies at the conference it would be impossible for me to write about them all! Take a look at the links provided. If you have other great resources to share, leave them in the comments section!

Next week I am on my “SouthEast Tour” and will be visiting the NC Elementary Ed Conference in Charlotte, the SC EdTech Conference in Charleston, FAME in Orlando, and EdCamp SoFlo. Can’t wait to share more about what I am learning!




TeleStory is a cute, free APP that allows you to write, direct and star in your own TV News story.

How to use TeleStory

1. Open APP.

2. Select the type of story you wish to record.


3. Make choices based on the story you chose.

4. Write the story or select from choices in the APP.


5. Select your costume and then touch start to record, press stop when done.

step 1                selecting

6.Add more scenes with the green button, stop with the red.

7. Name the show and director.Touch the box beside save to camera roll and click the green check.

save work

8. Now your news is complete!



Since you saved it to your camera roll, you can put it into other APPs.

Here are two examples of TeleStory movies by yours truly.

https://youtu.be/QRE7hnmEysU The video made with the screenshots above
https://youtu.be/TyJQ55ejobw A newscast helicopter style
So how can this be used in the classroom?
1. Students write news stories about historical events and record.
2. Reports on current events.
3. Book reports.
4. Share students writing.
5. Science reports on experiments.
6. Just for fun!