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I have been researching technology tools for my upcoming presentations and found some great resources I wanted to share with you all! You are very welcome!
This website was created and maintained by a teacher who shares examples of technology. She has great resources! 
“Litology and Much more” is a blog that gives teachers technology resources to use in the classroom. They list APPs and websites for the classroom.
This website is a blog by a teacher and gives examples of technology usage in the classroom.
This website has amazing information for struggling learners and technology that can help!
Early childhood educators can find great resources on this page.
his is a great article from edutopia about using technology in the classroom to meet common core standards.

Do you have a blog or website you follow for ideas and lessons? Please share the links in the comments section so we can have more fabulous resources!

Word Clouds



The APP I am reviewing today is Word Clouds. This is a free APP created by You can find the download info here.

How To Use Word Clouds

1. Open the APP

2. Add the words you want in your word cloud.

enter words

The more often a word is added the larger it will appear. You can copy and paste the test from another document, or type directly into the APP. When you have finished, touch the arrow in the bottom right corner.

3.Your words will be added to the word cloud.

words added



You are done! Unless you want to edit and adjust.

To have the words mixed up click randomize. To change the colors, click color. To change the direction and and organization of the cloud, click layout. To change the type print, click font.

layout colors font


You now have a word cloud! Now what? Well you can save it to your camera roll and then add it to other APPs or email it to anyone.




So how can you use this in class?

Have students paste their own writing in to the program to see what words they are using most often.

Poll students for their favorite or least favorite word/subject/artist/singer/historical figure/tv show, etc, have them enter their word on the APP, create the cloud to see the results.

Have students copy and paste famous historical documents into the word clouds APP to see the most important words used. For example:

ss example


If you do not have iPads, you can also create word clouds online using the ABCYa website.

So, how would you use word clouds in the classroom? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Need information on a specific APP or program? Need an idea for class? EMail me at and I will do the leg work for you!


Digital citizenship

I have been working on a digital citizenship unit for grades 1 to 5. This unit is designed to be a blended online and in person teaching unit, with students working on their own through the various activities. Digital Citizenship Unit
The activities include videos, online articles, quizzes, and information. There is also a communication/writing component through Edmodo for grades 4-5 and journal/activity books for 1-3. My grade 3 will test out the APPs and games from the amazing products from Digital Passport and Common Sense Media. Each video and game will work on both iPads and laptops. I had issues with flash player on many great games. iPads do not have flash and since I use iPads in my class, I wasn’t able to use many of the great programs out there.

Please look through the website I created with Google Sites and see what you think! Please give me feedback on the unit. You can leave comments of you may email me instead


Have you ever found a tool, saw an idea, or read a book and thought OH MY GOODNESS I have to share this with the world? I just had that moment!

Epic! is an APP/website that has books students can read or have read to them. Thousands of options fiction, nonfiction, animals, comic books, joke books, and holiday themes….you name it and you can probably find it there.

Even better, you can create a free educator account and have access on your classroom devices! You can create your class in the program and track what students are reading!


There is even a website version You can pull up the books and share them on your SmartBoard or Apple TV.

And there are probably more options I haven’t even discovered yet!


Enjoy my friends!




I posted about movie making a while back and included ideas like using the super simple APP Educreations, but I didn’t give you details…so here we go!

Educreations is like giving a student their own interaction whiteboard and having them create. You can add images, text, handwriting, maps, and more.

Last year I used it in my 3rd grade Media class when students did their “typing test”. I gave them a paragraph about butterflies to type, then they were given a list of things to add (their name, a selfie, two butterfly images), and narration. All of this had to be completed in 25 minutes of class. AND I NEVER TAUGHT EDUCREATIONS TO THEM!!! Everyone finished and had amazing work. Some students didn’t want a face selfie, so they included eyeballs, feet, elbows, and more. Here are some examples:



My 4th grade team wanted to make books for their Social Studies units, so they used Educreations. They studied the industry in Florida, then created their book/movie. Here are some examples:

Amoozing Cattle Industry (I’d give it an A for the name alone.)

Florida Citrus


How to lessons by 2nd grade





Here is a simple how to guide for Educreations. Check youtube for video tutorials.

How to Educreations

The free version only allows a limited number of drafts and movies. I pay $11.99 a month to have unlimited. This gives me a little more freedom and options.

Click on the APP icon (there is also a website)

To write with your finger, touch the pencil at the top and touch the color desired. Then write. to erase, touch the eraser beside the pencil.

To add typed text, touch the plus sign at the top select the letter A. Now touch the screen and type. You can adjust font size and color. When finished, click done.

To add photographs, touch the plus sign. Now select the picture icon. You can also take pictures and add them in by touching the camera.

To add files from Dropbox, click the plus sign and the paper icon.

To add something from the internet (webpage, image, etc). Click the plus sign, then the world icon. Enter the URL. You can screenshot the page by touching the camera icon on the top right. This will put your screenshot on the page. You can now write and draw over it.

To add a map, click the plus sign and then the map icon. Enter the information, then take a screenshot with the camera.

You can duplicate the page by touch the plus sign inside the square.

You can change background by touching the lined rectangle on the top right.

To add the next page, touch the right arrow at the bottom.

When you have all of your pages complete it is time to make the movie.

You can add sound but there is no way to edit the sound. If you mess up you are stuck with it.

To add sound touch the microphone button and begin speaking. Touch the pause button to stop. You can have a continuous recording or stop on each page.

If you do not want sound, you still have to record for timing if you want the movie to play on it’s own. Turn the microphone off or just turn off sound when playing. Touch the microphone and advance the pages as fast/slow as you want.

To save your work, touch the back arrow coming from the square. You can save as a draft, then go back and work more, or you can save finished video.

You can share by touching the up arrow inside the square, then selecting how to share it. You can save it to your iPad camera roll and share from there as well.

Upcoming conferences

South Carolina Council for the Social Studies

Sept 24-26 Fluor Field Greenville, SC
Presentation: Technology Tools to Enhance Your Social Studies Classroom
The goal of a teacher is to take students to a higher level of understanding. Attendees will discover ways to seamlessly integrate technology that is both appropriate and exciting.

September 25 Session 2 Room 6


Florida Reading Association

Orlando, FL

Date:   Saturday, October 10, 2015  Time:   1:45  p.m.

Presentation: Literacy Days that Excite and Expand the Mind.


North Carolina Association for Elementary Education

Title Technology Tools to Innovate and Inspire

Session Description There are tons of technology tools available for teachers and students to use in the classroom. In this session, 30 creative tools will be shared with participants that can be used by students or teachers. These tools are free/cheap, easy to use, easy to share projects, and the work will reach higher order of Bloom’s taxonomy. In addition to the tool share, time will be given to practice using the APPs and websites using assignments given in the classroom, and lesson ideas for integrating the tech tools will be shared.

Day and Time: Sunday, October 18, 2015 from 2:00 – 3:15 p.m.



October 21-23


Florida Association for Media in Education

43rd FAME Annual Conference 2015
Wednesday, October 21-Friday, October 23
Rosen Shingle Creek
Orlando, FL
Friday 10:00 am

Presentation: Have Fun and Engage Kids in Literacy