Chatterpix has a kid version that is free and easy and most of all FUN! Here is the link for the iStore.


Here is an example of what you can create!

If you read my blog, you know I enjoy easy to use APPs , and this one is right up there. Here is the step by step guide.

1. Select where to find the picture up want to use. You can take a picture or use one from your camera roll.




2. Size the photo and move it to your desired location. Then click NEXT.



3.  Draw a line where you want the mouth to appear.




4. Push the microphone and wait for the count down to record. Touch the orange button to stop. You can watch by pressing the green arrow. When finished, touch next.

IMG_3332    5. IMG_3333


5. Customize the Chatterpix with colorizing, stickers, frames, and text. Press next when complete.


6. Touch the button on the bottom right to save to your camera roll, from there you can load to other APPs, load to youtube, and share through messaging or mail.

IMG_3335      IMG_3336    IMG_3338

The final project my sweet husband!


This APP is very reminiscent of the website Blabberize, which I blogged about about a few year ago…read about it here.

So how can you use this in the classroom?

Social Studies- historical figures tell their own stories using pictures, painting,s statues as the picture focus, Maps can speak about the locations they represent, community helper pictures can come to life and explain what they do

Science- animals can describe their life cycle or habitats, scientists can explain their findings, chemicals can describe themselves, cells can report on their makeup

Math- a number or math problem can explain how to solve itself, shapes can tell how to show perimeter and area

Reading- characters can talk about their part of a story, book covers can talk about what is inside the covers

Art- have artwork come alive and tell how the artist painted the work

Music- composers can speak about their work, sheet music can explain the music

Hebrew- Hebrew letters and words can come to life and say their sounds and words

Judaic- lessons from history can be explained using pictures of the past, the plagues can tell their story from their point of view

Shadow Puppet


Shadow Puppet Edu is free and easy….of course….and a great tool to use to create and share presentations.

How To



1. Click create new



2. Locate and select your pictures.



3. Order your pictures by touching and dragging the pictures into the order desired.



4. Add text by touching the T in the upper right corner. Add test, change the placement, change font, size, and color. Then click the check in the top right side.



5. To add background music, click the music symbol. Select where you want to select your music from. Background music has options in many tempos, or select from your own music.




6. If you would like to record your voice, touch the start band wait for the recording to start. If you do not want voice, touch the microphone and turn the voice recorder off, then touch start. After you touch start, begin touching the arrow at the pace you want the movie to advance. When you are finished with the movie, touch the recording button to pause. Then touch at the top where it says Hello to name your movie. Then click save.



7. You can share your movie from here. There are some parental controls, simple to control and change. If  you would like to save your movie to your device, click done. Then reopen your movie and  touch the small circle on the top right corner. This will give you more saving options.

That simple!

Other cool facts:

*This APP allows you to pull pictures directly from the Library of Congress, NASA, and the British Library. Ideas are percolating!

*This APP allows you to bring in pictures from other APPs…APP-smashing!!! In the examples below you will see Pic Collage, InstaCollage, and other APPs that I have created and saved to my picture roll.





Enjoy this new APP and figure out how you can use it in the classroom. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Pic Collage

1                                        family


Pic Collage is an APP that allows users to put multiple pictures together in one space…a picture collage.

It is a free APP and sooooo easy. That tends to be my recurring theme!

Here is your simple HOW TO
1. Open the APP
2. Tap on the page to create
3. On the bottom is a frame circle. Touch that and select the frame layout you would like. You can skip this part until you select the pictures in case you have more or less pictures than you planned.


4. Tap the screen and select photos.
5. Touch all the photos you would like to use in your collage and then touch the check mark in the upper corner.
6. Move and adjust the pictures by touch and drag.
7. Tap the plus sign to add text, more images, stickers, and backgrounds. You can pull pictures from the internet, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also insert Youtube videos straight into your collage!

Here is an example I found online:

All About Me posters

all about me



More ideas:
Social Studies- holidays, family trees, people who changed the world during time periods, country or state reports

Math- examples of arrays, angles, shapes

Reading- book suggestions, pictures of fun places to read, book reports, retell a story in pictures

Science- habitats, food chains, technology we use

Writing- ideas to jump start writing, poetry illustrations

ECE suggestion- Things that are round, Colors-  Things that are red, Numbers- Collection of fours


What ideas do you have? Share them in the comments below!

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice 

This cool, easy to use APP is perfect to create stories and books online.

Every year on my birthday my mom tells me the story of my birth. This year I used Adobe Voice to record the story, added a picture, and now I have my birth day story forever! Click here to see my birth story.

How To

First, open the APP and touch the plus sign to create a new story. (You can also view other people’s stories for ideas!)



Name your story.

Next, select the type of story.


At the top, touch themes. Select a theme.



To add icons, photos, or text, touch  the screen. Then choose what you are adding.
To add photo, touch photo, then touch where your pictures are located.
Then, touch the picture you want to add. You can re-size the picture and move it around.

Touch the plus sign to add more pages. Continue adding pictures and text.

When you are ready to record, press and hold the microphone and speak.

You can add music by touch the music button at the top, then select the type of music you want to add.

When you are finished, click the share button (up arrow in a square) at the top. You can save to your device, share on social media, or share by email. I wish it had a load to Youtube option to make it easier to share, but it doesn’t.

Simple, easy, and fun!

So, how can you use this in class with students? There are many examples you can see on the APP, including a great story about bullying.

1. Have students share their favorite characters.
2. Have students create the next chapter.

1. Publish stories.
2. Create an idea journal for writing topics.

Social Studies:
1. In groups, have students research and write about a part of history. Then make a class book about the entire topic.
2. Create people in history book.

1. Create a Scientist book.
2. Make a book to show the steps of science investigations.

1. Solving word problems, illustrating word problems.
2. Math words dictionary.

1. Holiday celebrations
2. Why we do what we do

1. Dual language books
2. Israel stories

The possibilities are endless! What ideas do you have for using Adobe Voice? Leave a comment to tell how you use or could use this tool.