Phonto is an APP that allows users to create posters that can also be uploaded to other APPs to create movies and other products. It is simple and easy…a reoccurring theme in my posts.

1. Take a picture or screen shot

2.  Open the Phonto APP

3. Upload the picture by clicking the camera on the bottom of the page.

4. Select the  style required. Crop and move the picture to your desired location.

5. To add text, tap on the location you want the text to appear. Then tap the text box that appears. Add your text and change the style, font, color, size, etc. You can touch and drag it to another location.



6. Save your work to your photos or upload to your chosen location.

7.  You can add multiple pictures to one poster by touching the camera picture.


8.  There are other options you can access by clicking the three line icon on the bottom left.

So what can you do with Phonto in class? 

Science: life cycle pictures

I made these posters with Phonto then entered them into Perfect Video and created a video
Butterfly Life Cycle 
IMG_3152 IMG_3151 IMG_3150 IMG_3149IMG_3153

Social Studies:  People and Moments that Changed History

phonto      IMG_3143

Reading: Advertisements for books

Writing: Planning characters and stories

You are limited only by your imagination…so give this APP to students and let them create!



A super cool way to allow students to share their thoughts, learning, and ideas is the web-based tool Padlet. Padlet has a school focus (backpack) and a business focus (briefcase). Both of these formats allow users to collaborate in an easy way.

First, create your account. You will get an amazing welcoming email that will make your heart shine!

Next, create a new padlet.

Then, click the + sign to create a new padlet.

To add to the wall, double click on the wall.

You can personalize by picking a wallpaper from the padlet board, or creating your own.

You can change the layout to make it free form or organized.

You can use the padlet link they give you, or create your own link to share.
            Or share the wall, allowing others to add to the wall, click the share button.

You can limit who sees your wall through the privacy settings.

layout padlet


How can you use padlet? Use this link to add your ideas.

Here are some examples I found on the internet.

map padlet

planet padlet


Here are some other resources to help you get more ideas about padlet.

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