Edmodo – Taking Learning Beyond the Classroom

Edmodo is a social learning platform. It is a bit facebook, a bit LMS, and a lot of fun. Edmodo allows a teacher to create a classroom in cyberspace where students discuss, share, add, and continue their learning beyond the walls of the classroom and way beyond the final bell. And the best part- it is safe. You form classrooms that strangers can not enter, you can’t friend others, and it is not open to others- only your class. 

I love this platform SOOOO much, that I shared it’s amazingness with a reporter and boom Coke placed my words (and the unquoted Opher Yunger) on their page– see number 4 that’s us!

So what can you do with Edmodo? 

Well over the summer we use Edmodo for our Summer reading Experience. Students read assigned books, then log on to Edmodo to answer questions, respond to others answers, vote in polls, and discuss their summer. For example: 

A. L. to Third Grade 2014-2015

1. What was the most interesting part of the story?

I think the most interesting part of the story was when the great one learned to ride a bike because it remembered me when I learned to ride and how hard it was.
2. What questions did you have while reading the story?
The questions I had while reading the story was: Why did the pain think the great one couldn’t ride a bike?
Why did the pain think Mr. Soupy was going to cut his ears?
3. What lesson was the author trying to teach from this story?
The author was trying to teach me not to fight.

I think that is a good lesson to learn.

And another unexpected and joyous happening with this program…our students become the welcoming committee. After a new student logged in, the welcomes were numerous.

E.G. to Third Grade 2014-2015

hi! my name is Emilio and Im new in the school.
1.- What is the problem in the story? How is it solved?
The problem of the story was that the great one did not know how to ride a bike. So her uncle told her how.
2.- How did the story make you feel? Why?
The story made me feel happy because it was very very funny.When the Pain was singing the song about that The Great One couldn’t ride a bike.
3.-What lesson was the author trying to teach from this story?
The author was trying to teach the kids a lesson about how when you don’t know how to do something, you should take risks and do it.

J. W. said Aug 5, 2014 Hi Emilio, I’m Josh welcome to the school

E. G. said Aug 6, 2014 Hi Emilio, welcome to Hillel! I hope you like it. From Eva

A. I. said Aug 16, 2014 Hi Emilio, I’m so happy to meet you this week!

J. D. to Third Grade 2014-2015

Hi Emilio my name is John. I heard you are new to the school. I thought the book was funny too.I hope you will be in my class so you can be one of my new friends.

E. E. said Aug 1, 2014 thats so nice john!!!

C. D. said Aug 4, 2014 I totally agree!!!!


So what else can you do? The possibilities are ENDLESS! There are quiz options, assignment options, and so much more. One of our Judaic teachers has his entire curriculum loaded to Edmodo and students work in this game based approach through worlds and complete assignments at their own pace. While one student may be reading and analyze a piece of historical literature, another is creating a presentations about holidays for lower school students, and another is taking a quiz on the reading assignment. All are engaged, learning, and focused…and all are on Edmodo.


Our school has even created a teacher group on Edmodo that allows us to share ideas with each other, post handouts, and get feedback on what professional development topics are of interest. As a teacher you can connect with others in your school or around the world.


We are planning a project with a school in Israel to connect our students, practice Hebrew and English language. We plan to interview and get to know each other through Edmodo and write books together!


Resources and ideas:







How do you use Edmodo? Leave it in the comments section! Have an idea or want to know more about something…tell me!


Upcoming Conference presentations:

OESIS Boston October 2-3 

What’s Your Tech? Developing lessons for learning with a little bit of Tech Spice.
A teacher’s goal is to create lessons that grab students’ attention and entice students to learn more. One attention grabber teachers use is technology. Often technology is thrown into a lesson with little planning and forethought. In this session, attendees will discover ways to plan for learning while seamlessly integrating technology that is both appropriate and exciting.

North Carolina Association for Elementary Education October 19-21 

Technology as a Tool

The goal of a teacher is to reach their students and take them to a higher level of understanding. One way to engage students in the classroom is through the integration of technology, but tech is not where a teacher should begin their planning. This session will assist teachers in exploring how and when to use technology in their lessons and assessments.       


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