Back again

So here I go, back to the blogging journey and adding resources to help teachers add TECH to their learning sessions. One of the most important messages I would like to spread is that TECH is not main focus of a lesson. You would never start planning a lesson by saying “hmmm I want my kids to make a poster”…and then plan the learning,  instead you say “hmmm I want my kids to understand the triangular trade route so they need to know….” and then you figure out a tech additive. Here is a great poster for this thought…

what do you want your kids t do with tech


Today’s post may not be helpful to everyone, as it is directed to the teachers I work with at Hillel and the resources available to them. But still, enjoy!

community log in This is a brief overview of Community Log In and the expectations of use

Planbook Instructions This is the instruction manual with videos for

Questions? Let me know!

Here is the schedule for the next few weeks of Monday Tech Minute, always open for suggestions!

August 25 Help I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do!

other upcoming topcs

 Twitter for Teachers