Kerpoof for cartoons and other learning tools is a great tool teachers can use for many different learning outcomes. The best use for me is the movie making tool. The characters are cartoon-like and you can choose different backgrounds, add different moves, add words, and make the characters do many different things.

Teachers can create free accounts for themselves and their students with the kerpoof educators tab. There are lesson plans, educator tools, and movies that show what you can do with kerpoof, and how to do it. This site is very user-friendly. It is also a way to share student work with others from around the world. When you go to save a project, there is an option to share with the kerpoof community.

I can not express just how much I am loving this site!

So how can you use it in the classroom? Well students can retell a story using the movie program. They can publish their own works with the tell a story program. Students can practice spelling with the spelling program. The possibilities are endless!

Here is the video link from youtube with the how to:

Please take a moment to add comments on how you would use kerpoof in your classroom. Let’s share ideas and build a learning community!


Our first session on Animoto. Animoto is a movie making program that uses pictures and videos to create movies. It is very easy to use and kid friendly.

Teachers can get a free account, which also allows for 30 student accounts. To sign up go to and follow the prompts.

The accompanying video shows a quick how to and an example of student work. Click here for a short video: animoto short . For a full length movie with directions and examples go to

At the top of my blog you will see a tab to view the lesson I did with Animoto. There is also an instruction sheet. If you would like me to email you the docs, let me know!
Here are a few student examples:

Let’s discuss how to use this in the classroom. Students can make book reports to share with the class, show steps of the Scientific process, or create Social Studies presentations.

Leave a comment with your ideas on using Animoto.

Hello world!

Hello all! My name in Nancy Penchev and I started this blog in order to share some tech tools that I find engaging and exciting for classroom use.

Each Monday I will upload a video detailing a tool that you can use in the classroom and post some ideas on how it can be used. I am excited to share and receive feedback with more ideas from you!

Here is the schedule I plan to stick to:

  • Feb 13- Movie Making in the classroom
  • Feb 27- Cartoons
  • Mar 5- Podcasting
  • Mar 12- Putting words in your mouth
  • Mar 19- Online posters
  • Mar 26- Publishing online
  • Apr 2- Organizing your internet resources/Internet safe research
  • Apr 9- Online books
  • Apr 16- Graphs using online resources/Making a museum
  • Apr 23- Word activities
  • Apr 30- A different kind of book report
  • May 7- Thinking maps
  • May 14- Avatars
  • May 21- Storing docs online
  • May 28- What have you tried share